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We’re excited that you have chosen to make an appointment with Dr. Bhatia. Please use the easy appointment scheduler to select an appointment that best fits your schedule.

For simplicity’s sake, we have included the following appointments:

    1. Hormone Replacement Consultation
    2. An OB Appointment
    3. A GYN Appointment
    4. A New Patient Consultation

As you've noticed, the Hormone Replacement Consultation is a brand new offering.

If you have any questions about scheduling your appointment, please contact us through email, the contact us form, or call us at your earliest convenience.

Important Note:
At the third step in scheduling your appointment, you will be prompted to do two things:

  1. Confirm your appointment and
  2. Include a Message for your service provider.

To facilitate our scheduling of your appointment, please include the following information in the "Message for your service provider" BEFORE confirming the appointment.

  1. Insurance Type
  2. Insurance ID
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Are you a new patient? (Y/N)
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